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I am a one person practice and need a full service billing company. Is my company too small for you?
No, we will accept practices of any size if we believe your association with our practice would be mutually beneficial for both of us.

I have an office staff that is doing a good job, but we do have trouble completing some of the routine tasks like our daily backups. If we use your ASP can we still do our own billing and utilize your firm to assist with other tasks?
Yes, using our ASP allows you to focus on seeing patients and collecting data. We will provide your daily system back-up, daily electronic claim submissions, installing system updates, generating patient statements and other duties that you may want assistance with.

I want my staff to take care of all our coding and charge data entry, however, for confidentiality, I would prefer that my daily deposits and payment entry be outsourced. Can you do that?
Yes, we can receive your payments in our office, post them to your patient accounts and deposit the payments to your bank account on a daily basis.

Iím just setting up my first medical practice and donít know where to start. Can you help?
Yes, we would be happy to help you locate, complete and submit all the forms needed to obtain your provider numbers. Additionally, we would be happy to help interview for staffing, set up your computer system, and train your office staff.

Our practice has eight providers and employs twenty-five staff. We donít need a full-time IT person, but occasionally we do need IT assistance. Do you provide that kind of assistance.
Yes we do. Just contact our office and we can put you in touch with one of our IT staff.

If we use your ASP, can our statements be sent through a mailing service rather than having to print them and mail them ourselves?
Yes, we do provide a mailing service for clients that do not want to print, stuff and mail their own statements.

What is included in your full service billing package?
Charge, payment and adjustment data entry; daily bank deposits; claims submission; patient billing; insurance follow-up; daily system back-up; month-end processing; all reporting; CCI edits and updates; in-house collections; integrated appointment scheduling system; refund preparation; taking patient calls regarding billing; and other duties the practice may choose to have us do.

Computer hardware is a big expense for a small practice. Do you have an option to help out on that?
We can provide a three-year hardware lease for practices using our system. Equipment that is being leased from us is maintained by our IT staff and if it should need repair or replacement during the term of the lease, we provide that service. This method usually provides a practice with a reasonable monthly charge rather than a large expense up front.

Can you help me develop a compliance plan for our office?
We would be happy to provide any kind of assistance we can with your administrative functions including developing compliance plan.

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